Must Haves for Baby 6-12 months

As a new mom you have no idea what you are going to need for your child when you are prepping your baby registry. When you ask for input, people are usually going to tell you items that will be helpful for the first few months. Which don't get me wrong, during that time you... Continue Reading →

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Mom Fashion

Let me preface this by saying, my mom fashion is a little different than most or maybe it is just like most moms they just hide it at home. I love seeing all the stylish Instagram mommies in their super cute outfits with make up and hair done. I would love to know how they... Continue Reading →

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This is 30

Y'all, I am 30. The weeks and even months leading up to my 30th birthday I dreaded the thought of turning 30. I kept telling everyone that I don't want to turn 30, that I wanted to stay in my 20's forever. The thought of getting older absolutely terrified me. I know, I am ridiculous.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Y'all, 2017 was my favorite year yet! We started out the year trying to navigate parenthood and keeping our tiny human alive. There were many sleepless nights and days in 2017, but they were all worth it. Rainey's first year of life flew by and my sweet snuggles are few and far between these days,... Continue Reading →


I did it y'all, I breastfed Rainey Roux for a year! I am so proud of myself for making it a year. It was not an easy journey, you can read more about that here. With that said, I am also so excited to begin weaning. Do not get me wrong I love the bond... Continue Reading →

A Mom’s Dream Gift Guide 2017

First let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love my daughter and my life. I wouldn't trade my time¬†with Rainey Roux for anything, but with that said, here is my DREAM gift guide for 2017. My number one gift that I would love this Christmas is SLEEP. I get that moms don't sleep,... Continue Reading →

Rainey’s Winter ONEderland

This past weekend we celebrated Rainey Roux turning ONE with a Winter ONEderland. As soon as I saw this invitation on pinterest I knew this was perfect for our December princess.¬† Please let me preface that I am by no means a party planner, but I can craft like no other. I had the vision... Continue Reading →

My Nursing Journey

To all the moms to be and brand new mommas out there, breastfeeding is hard work. Just know you are not alone! I have had a very rough journey nursing Rainey from day one. When Rainey Roux was born I had endured a very grueling labor and was on a lot of medications that really... Continue Reading →

Must haves 0-6 months

Well, I have been at this parenting thing for over 6 months now and I have found a few products that I cannot live without. After writing this I realize that a lot of our favorites help with sleep. We really love sleep in our household. My Brest Friend- I love how comfortable and easy... Continue Reading →

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